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  January 1971 advertisement  


(Collector's Edition)

• LP record (2 sides)
• 12-SECTION fold-out (648 sq. in.)
• 61-Photo Poster Montage
• "Musical Dreams"
• 16-page "Westerns" Photo Portfolio
• 17-inch vertical fold-out
• 2-foot Mayan Glyph triptych
• Vertical GOERALEGAN diptych
• Mandala Music Score
• 26-inch triptych of grotesques
• Portfolio of flourescent paintings
• Calligraphy booklet (uncut) w/text
• 4-foot "frieze" of Mutant photos
Physical Dimensions
• Width: 9-1/2 in.
• Length: 12-1/2 in.
• Height: 1 in.
• Interior: 118.25 cu. in.
• Media Formats: 10
• Total Items: 14
• Price: $4 USA
  £1-14s Gt. Britain
  ¥1440 Japan




ASPEN's irreverent Dreamweapon Portfolio is $4. But you can receive it FREE by mailing the coupon below.

Here in 118.25 cubic inches of LP records, posters, tryptychs, diaries and fold-outs are some of the most talented (and talked about) tradition-topplers in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland today. Painters, sculptors, composers, film-makers, musicians, satirists, poets (as well as experimentors so far afield, the art world can't even agree on what to call them yet). Here's what they've contributed to Dreamweapon:

· LP record side 1: Christopher Tree's Spontaneous Sound. Incredible ad libitum performance by one man on 150 exotic instruments: drums, gongs, flutes, reeds, Tibetan temple horn, etc.
· LP record side 2: "The Joyous Lake." Fantasmagorical (and previously unexplored) combinations of rock, electronic and environmental sound.
· "Chronicle of the Knowers," sensuous gallery of Fluorescent Paintings by Hetty MacLise, erstwhile Zeitgeist of the San Francisco Oracle.
· Illuminated triptych (opens to 2.16 feet) of Mayan musical scores and glyphs by Aymon de Sales.
· "Ikons of a 20th Century Nature Priestess," Diane Rochlin's pungent 792-sq.-inch (3-phase) photomontage created on farm near Positano, Italy.
· "Soul of the World," intricate Calligraphy Booklet printed in Japan (opens to 2/3-yard, uncut tops) by light/sound sculptress Marian Zazeela.
· 8 5/8-inch poetic exposition of "Dream Music" by La Monte Young, one of America's most adventurous composers.
· A disquieting 4-foot "frieze" of Universal Mutant Photographs (in color) by Ira Cohen.
· A vertical diptych of the Illuminated Magics of GOERALEGAN (al neis purnaako eibelis teolknenen) suitable for framing.
· 36 psychedelic nudes projected as full color postage stamps by Don Snyder, mixed media alchemist.
· Mandala music score by virtuoso Terry Riley.
· 12-section (648 sq. inches-please unfold carefully!) photo-poetry poster by Gerard Malanga, Byronesque film-maker/poet in leathers; John Cale, high priest of Rhapsodic Cynicism; Paoli Lionni, et alii.


· 17-inch vertical fold-out of opening 24 pages from "Sentential Metaphrastic," an 1100-page work-in-progress by Lionel Ziprin of the East 7th St. labyrinth.
· 16-page portfolio of chemically stained classic Western movie frames by Benno Friedman.


ASPEN gives you actual works of art! Exactly as the artist created them. In exactly the media he created them for. When a new issue arrives you don't just read it — you hear it, hang it, feel it, fly it, sniff it, taste it, fold it, wear it, shake it, even project it on your living room wall.

ASPEN reports on experiments in avant-garde cinema by literally sending the experiments to you on 8mm film! It covers a brilliant sculptor's new work by sending materials and instructions to create an actual replica of the sculpture itself! It introduces the eerie aleatory music of Gordon Mumma by actually sending you an LP recording of his latest work for French Horn and Cybersonic Console! It illustrates the delicate beauty of Oriental art by actually enclosing a breath-taking Sung Dynasty (11th Century) rolled landscape scroll you can hang on your own wall!


(included in your subscription)

FAR EAST ISSUE — (Postponed till now because of difficulties in assembling, rolling and shipping the many delicate Chinese scrolls from abroad). Contents include: FIVE ROLLED SCROLLS (1) Kuo Hsi Landscape, Sung dynasty, 11th century, (2) calligraphy scroll from Palace Museum on Taiwan, (3) Ch'an masterpiece by Yu-Chien, (4) yard-long frieze of Indian temple sculpture, (5) Tibetan thanka. PLUS miniature screens from the Shoko Zen Temple in Kyoto Raiput miniatures from India · Zen parable cards · Fan-fold books · Even a dragon kite you can assemble and fly yourself (local ordinances permitting) · And much more · All scrolls and "articles" are scented with incense. Truly an issue to hang all over the house!

BUCKMINSTER FULLER ISSUE — Each "article" opens into a geodesic dome or other three- (or "four-,") dimensional construct, several feet in size.


WILDERNESS ISSUE — for young (and old) idealists. Includes: near-full-length book on The Young Mountain Climbers — America's most esoteric outgroup (sort of "Hell's Angels on pitons") · Gourmet Survival Kit reviving neglected art of living off the land (how to bivouac elegantly, why German wines take high altitude better than French, etc.) · Inside the Alpine Underground Bonsai movement, a fanatic ecological revolutionary group ominously deployed not Right or Left, but Above and Below — and much more.



But make haste. The portfolio comprises many parts, created and produced separately, in different media, by different processes; then combined, collated, and individually assembled and shipped. We cannot simply run off a million or so copies at the drop of a hat like Reader's Digest or Life Magazine. Which means the supply is extremely limited. Please act promptly to claim your $4.00 portfolio FREE with a trial subscription to ASPEN.


Mail to: Aspen Magazine, PO Box 205, New York, N.Y. 10014


Yes, ship ASPEN's Dreamweapon Portfolio FREE with my Introductory Subscription. ASPEN (published quarterly) costs $16.00 a year at the single-copy price, but my Introductory Rate is only $12.95 for a full year plus free Dreamweapon. (A total saving of $7.05 off the single copy price.) If not completely delighted I may return Dreamweapon within 30 days to cancel my subscription without obligation. My money will be promptly refunded in full.

I enclose $12.95 for 1 year's subscription plus free Dreamweapon (a saving of $7.05). ASPEN pays all postage, shipping, handling and insurance.
Save me $12.10. Send two years of ASPEN (plus free Dreamweapon) for which I enclose only $23.90.





from Evergreen Review no. 89, January 1971. Repeated May 1971.



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