Reza Abdoh (1936-1989)
Sleeping with the Devil (1990)
Duration: 12 min
Written and Directed by Reza Andoh
Filmed and edited by Adam Soch
With: Luis Zaldivar, Ken Roth, Michael Whitmore, Anthony Cristian, Paul Durand, Ingrid A., Steve Oglesby

"""The very first thing I did after I found out I was HIV positive was a video called Sleeping with the Devil. I became a lot more conscious of the body, the excoriation of the body as a tool. And I consciously , or unconsciously, infused the piece with that idea. I'm preoccupied with the body and with shit and cum and all the other stuff. I like to concentrate on excavation, excretion, things like that. I think it has something to do with the diagnosis. But I don't think I'm concerned with that only because of my condition. There are a number of ideas and concepts I'm concerned with and excited by that aren't necessarily linked to my condition. But my condition informs me, my psyche, my mentality, my sexuality, my being. It's not something I can look away from or put on the sidelines or not make part of, in some way, everything I do." — Reza Abdoh

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