Richard Kern (b. 1954)

Thrust in Me [Co. dir. Nick Zedd] (1985)
The Manhattan Love Suicides: Stray Dogs (1985) (with David Wojnarowicz)
Submit to Me (1985)
I Hate You Now (1985)
The Evil Cameraman (1986,1990)
Pierce (1986)
King of Sex (1986)
Fingered (1988)
X is Y (1990)
Horoscope (1991)
Catholic (1991)
Sewing Circle (1992)
My Nightmare (1993)

Richard Kern (born 1954 in North Carolina) is a New York underground filmmaker, writer and photographer. He first came to underground prominence as part of the underground cultural explosion in the East Village of New York City in the 1980s, with erotic and experimental films featuring underground personalities of the time such as Lydia Lunch, David Wojnarowicz, Sonic Youth, Kembra Pfahler, Karen Finley and Henry Rollins in movies like The Right Side of My Brain and Fingered. Like many of the musicians around him, Kern had a deep interest in the aesthetics of extreme sex, violence, and perversion and was one of the leading lights of the movement which Nick Zedd coined the Cinema of Transgression.

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