Goddy Leye (1965-2011)
Goddy Leye - The voice on the moon (2005)
From IN/FLUX - Mediatrips from the African World (2011)

Cameroon / 2005 / 3mins / Installation, Video Art / English

A man alights on the moon. Neil Armstrong is there. In a steady stream of dance steps, to the sound of Cameroonian music, the man - the artist himself - moves toward the American astronaut. Slowly, Leye merges with Armstrong, becoming one with his body in a brief burst of Afrofuturist invasion. This short film is part of a larger five-channel video installation. Using a paired down aesthetic, it examines with humor and irony the history of colonial and neocolonial expansion and the imagery of empire. The film and the larger installation also question how television news footage spreads hegemonic narratives and shapes the collective unconscious of political subjects.