Living Theater
Paradise Now (1970) directed by Sheldon Rochlin
This is not the Paradise Now directed by Marty Top, nor is it the 1984 Sheldon Rochlin documentary. This one is a video piece by Sheldon Rochlin from 1970, so not surprisingly, video quality is only so-so.

"In the four hours of PARADISE NOW a bacchanal of forms and confrontations goes on in every part of the theater, from initial harangues by actors who pass through the audience... to an eruption of nudity in which the only total nudes are various members of the audience." -- Jack Kroll, Newsweek

"Mind-blowing, innovative theater... PARADISE NOW blurred the line between political action, psychotherapy, tribal ritual and experimental theater. A tale of social and esthetic breakthrough." -- Bernard Weiner, San Francisco Chronicle

"At least forty films have been made about the Living Theatre; it remained to the American underground filmmaker Sheldon Rochlin (previously responsible for the marvellous Vali) to make the 'definitive' film about one of the most famous of their works, Paradise Now, shot in Brussels and at the Berlin Sportpalast. Made on videotape, with expressionist colouring 'injected' by electronic means, this emerges as a hypnotic transmutation of a theatrical event into poetic cinema, capturing the ambiance and frenzy of the original. No documentary record could have done it justice." -- Amos Vogel, Film as a Subversive Art