Hermann Nitsch b. 1938
Organ Recital (1994)
Duration: 52 minutes

Hermann Nitsch, Organ recital, October 1994
Recorded at Anthology Film Archives, as part of SeOUL-NYmAX: A Celebration of Arts without Borders.
Camera: Stephen Vitiello for Nam June Paik

From October 8 to November 6, 1994, Anthology Film Archives will present SeOUL-NYmAX: A Celebration of Arts Without Borders, which will bring together over seventy artists and critics working with dance, music, performance, electronic arts, film, and video. On the first afternoon the celebration will be at the Judson Memorial Church and Washington Square Park; thereafter all programs will be at Anthology Film Archives on the Lower East Side. During SeOUL-NYmAX there will be sixty in-person performances, forty filrn screenings, twenty electronic arts installations, four receptions, and panel discussions dealing with arts that bridge different disciplines and cultures - arts that are not concerned with aesthetic or national borders. The artworks on view in this Celebration are often multimedia, and in many cases embody the aspiration for freedom of expression. Broadly, these artworks can be grouped as

• the arts of Korea, especially modern dance, film, the electronic arts of video, computers, and interactive installations;

• classic and new multimedia, ranging from a 1960s piece by Takehisa Kosugi to interactive 1990s computer art;

• an international Fluxus reunion (20 artists in person, 5 in absentia).

All three floors of Anthology will be used to house this extraordinary gathering with guests from Lithuania (Vytautas Landsbergis, a Fluxus artist who was his country's first president), Austria (Hermann Nitsch), Korea, Japan, and the United States (including Susan Sontag and Nam June Paik). This project is sponsored by the Korean Cultural Service and the Korea Society, with support from Nam June Paik, Film/Video Arts, and the New York State Council on the Arts.

Hermann Nitsch in UbuWeb Sound