Rosa Von Praunheim b. 1942
Aids-Trilogie: Positiv - Die Antwort schwuler Männer in New York auf AIDS AKA Positive
Duration: 83 minutes

Provocative documentary from von Praunheim on AIDS epidemic in New York.. Contains images of strong +sexual+ violence against Ronald Reagan and a brief knife-pulling by Diamanda Galas :)

""This is our holocaust, New York City is our Auschwitz, Ronald Reagan is our Hitler."

First film in von Praunheim's series of AIDS documentaries focuses on artists' responses to the epidemic. Features Keith Haring, Diamanda Galas, others. Powerful viewing for fans of offbeat, quasi-experimental documentaries.

New York City's Gay Community's response to the AIDS crisis is powerfully documented in Positive. Rosa von Praunheim has captured the spirit of activism generated by playwright Larry Kramer, musician and co-founder of People with AIDS Coalition (PWAC) Michael Callen, and New York filmmaker and journalist Phil Zwickler. They have chosen to act and speak out, refusing to be "AIDS Victims." Having neither the time nor the patience to mince words, groups like ACT-UP, Queer Nation, and Gay Men's Health Crisis demand a response to the epidemic that has threatened to annihilate them, by a society that would rather ignore them. There is a sense of strength and determination in this film that makes it an immensely important historical document.

"""Uncompromising, political graphic looks from the inside... it's easy to get caught up in the passion of the subject." - New York Newsday

""Scorching... an inside history of the AIDS movement." - New York Times

""A call to arms... raw, involving eloquence... seething with rage and disbelief." - Village Voice