2003   JANUARY 1   #001

Unknown (Two Women Singing) - Audiodisc Recording (78rpm)

Found at the Seattle Goodwill in 2000. Two women singing quite off key and really going for broke on this home recording. To find out more on acetates and audiodiscs click here. Quality of the disc is very scratchy, it sounds at times as if was used as a Frisbee and there's an annoying hum throughout the song but to clean it up would be pointless. Enjoy it as if you put the needle down yourself.

- Otis Fodder

TT-2:36 / 3.57MB / 192kbps 44.1khz

David Fairbanks Ford writes:
Stunning performance of Irving Berlin's "You're Just In Love", o my gosh, who are these ladies? I'll bet they both smoked. A lot. I'll bet they could hold a cocktail and cigarette in one hand and belt out "Darktown Strutters Ball" at the same time. This must have made parties with the two them lively. Bet their husbands said nothing. For thirty years. The harmonics on that record could also be studied by the aerospace industry. What a great country we live in and it's all because of women like those two.

Mertle writes:
These women are just fantastic, they sounded like they had so much fun singing "You`re Just In Love" I agree on the cocktail thing, although I thought maybe a thin lady's cigar was more the case as far as smokes go. Wow, actually very inspiring...cheers ladies. ;)