2003   JANUARY 14   #014

Cedar Point Jim - The Wind Beneath My Wings

Originally this song was sent my way for my old radio show and after it aired we planned to throw an mp3 up at Sharpeworld.com, now it's finally getting online through this project. Here's the scoop: A father recorded a song for his son at an amusement park recording booth. Nice background on this song for I have the son"s girlfriend and her friend from college (who sent in the tape) giving us the full scoop. Both asked to remain anonymous...

From the Girlfriend (aka - Pookie Warhol):
"Jim was my first 'real' boyfriend's father. Ah, my first true love (not the father). I believe I stole the tape out of his car, when Cedar Point Jason (the boyfriend) was driving it. Jim (the father) did that in one of those recording booths at Cedar Point (Sandusky, Ohio) where you get to be a star for awhile. Old-fashioned Karaoke. Two minutes of fame.'

From the friend of the Girlfriend (aka - Her Goat):
"Jim records the song as a gift to his teenage son. Son"s girlfriend hears cassette and ‘borrows" it. They break up. Girlfriend still has the tape. She goes to college and is my roommate. I love the tape. Make a copy for myself. Years later I send a copy to Otis for inclusion into the Friendly Persuasion show.'

in closing...
That"s the story behind the song. The song standing alone would not be as meaningful (in my opinion) if these notes were not read with it. First off, I think it"s very touching for a father to record a song like this for his son. You can tell how much he loves his kid, and this is embarrassing stuff too folks, big glass booth at an amusement park, people listening to you on the speakers outside the booth. Kudos for the dad. I never did much care for the Bette Midler version, but this one by Jim I absolutely love. It's sincere, genuine and real. A small glimpse into someone's life through a recording. On a more grim second point, let this be a lesson to any of you out there not to leave cassettes or CDRs of sentimental recordings out in the open ready to be taken and sent into radio shows for they may show up on a project such as this one day. No wait, what am I saying, send those buggers in for gosh sakes!

- Otis Fodder

TT-4:04 / 3.72MB / 128kbps 44.1khz

John G Writes:
Thank you - this has enriched my life - worthy of Oscar night - just think what the stars are missing!