2003   JANUARY 15   #015

Picking Up Girls Made Easy - The Women's Clothing Store Pick-Up

Narrated by the author, Eric Weber, this album was released in the mid-70's. Pure cheese and amazing that these pick-ups could actually work (well maybe on girls who are not playing with a full deck of cards). What's even more amazing is that this is still in print (no longer on LP, but on cassette!). Check out this search on Google.

- Otis Fodder

TT-6:39 / 6.09MB / 128kbps 44.1khz
from the LP, "Picking Up Girls Made Easy"

Feral Jane writes:
This one had me laughing so loud at my desk that my coworkers had to share the experience. Comments from one coworker: "So you meet a girl who is shopping in a department store, who's willing to let strangers spend money on them; obviously, a very expensive girlfriend, and if you're not careful, a very expensive wife. The guy gets what he deserves!"

Marty Knox writes:
the eric weber thing is most interesting to me. while on a road trip with my rock band, we stopped at a used bookstore in cleveland where i purchased a copy of "how to pick up girls" for, oh, say 2 dollars. it really is quite a sign of the times; a little slice of the history of women's lib (as they used to call it, i believe). it gives complete instructions on how to stalk, lie and manipulate a woman into tawdry sex with losers. (now that cocaine is making a comeback these days, perhaps those techniques in this 70's book will apply anew) anyway, the creepy thing about the copy i bought is that not only was it signed, but several "key instructions" were underlined throughout each chapter. seeing that i bought is second hand, i can only assume it didn't work quite as well as the owner had intended...