2003   JANUARY 27   #027

Jimmy Mitchell - Eres Tu

Jimmy is a sightless and mentally challenged vocalist from Dallas, Texas. This recording is one of many that was made in nearby Denton, Texas presumably in the mid to late 1990s.

Brother Russell writes:

"Jimmy's performances are a stunning, incandescent triumph. Mitchell represents not only pure and uncorrupted musical genius but the indomitable nature of the human spirit."

- Otis Fodder

TT-3:41 / 3.37MB / 128kbps 44.1khz

Patrick writes:
This song is a cover version of a Spanish one by the group Mocedades. The original song was #2 in 1973 Eurovision Song Contest. Also this song appears on Peter Segal's 1995 movie 'Tommy Boy".

Esperanza writes:
""Eres Tu" was EXCELLENT...and NOT just because MY name is in it...This guy sang his heart out, and ad libbed a little, I think!!! That's SHOW BIZ!!!