2003   JANUARY 28   #028

The Vickaroos - Introduction/Yankee Doodle Dandy/No Business Like Mary Kay Business/Deep In The Heart Of Texas/Gentle On My Mind

Yes... Mary Kay Cosmetics!

- Otis Fodder

TT-5:30 / 5.03MB / 128kbps 44.1khz
from the LP "Tunes For Toppers: Sing Along With The Vickaroos" (1972)

Nikki W. writes:
My husband found the recording of the Vickaroos on the Internet and played it for me because I am a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant. We giggled and thought, ""How cute!" I thought I would put it on a CD and play it for my unit at my next meeting. Well, weeks have passed by and I had forgotten about it, until I was at a Company Career Conference this past weekend and someone was explaining one of the Awards we have in Mary Kay, The Go Give Spirit Award. This awards celebrates the consultant who constantly demonstrates enthusiasm, goodness, well-being and care for others. It was awarded first to Sue Vickers, the leader of the sing-along on your website. As I found out, Sue was tragically murdered at the young age of 37 in the parking lot of a mall or store many years ago. You have tributed a wonderful woman, one whom I wish I had gotten the chance to meet.. Thank you.

BC writes:
A trait more even annoying than her music? Inspired by the selection for JANUARY 28 #028 by The Vickaroos I went searching for more info on Sue Vickers of the Vickaros and found this : "Sue Z. Vickers, a former Independent National Sales Director, used to blow a gold whistle every time she heard a negative remark from a Consultant."