2003   MARCH 12   #071

Lesley Clarke - The Man Who Plays Music On His Fingers

"The Man Who Plays Music On His Fingers" is Lesley Clarke of Flowerdale in central Victoria. This hand labeled cassette was purchased from him as he busked at the Oakleigh shopping mall in outer suburban Melbourne around 1990. I last heard of him being seen busking in Melbourne 3 or 4 years ago - let's hope he is still snapping his fingers for shoppers amusement somewhere around town. By the way, he was using recycled cassettes - the one I have that he recorded over was "Cum Again" by The Cum!

- Philip Jackson, http://www.fidelitarium.com/

TT-14:47 / 10MB / 96kbps 44.1khz (MONO)

(Scan of hand written cassette label. Image courtesy of Philip Jackson)

CocktailOddity writes:
I would like to inform our members that this man is alive and well, in fact he is at my university every week with his tape, he has moved on from recycled ones to short 10 min tapes and he now has two of three more volumes out which I plan to purchase.

Ted writes:
I first truly experienced the "man who can make music with his fingers" track on a recent driving trip. Musical Beckett, for sure. After about 10 excruciating minutes I was about to drive off the road into a tree just to escape this endless torture. Instead, I just headed to the next track. Phew.