2003   MARCH 31   #090

Jada with the Vise Squad - Jada's Christmas Song (Santa Claus's Helper)

Johnny Mack Vise was an Anniston, Alabama radio hack and church choir director who inexplicably decided that his small children should be singers. This 45 RPM single to which this song provides the a-side is--to my knowledge--the only release by five-year old Jada Vinmarjay Vise (her middle name was a combination of the names of her three older Brothers--isn't that precious!). The contrast between the normal kid voices of the Vise Squad (the brothers) and Jada's otherworldly screech is sure to set any first-time listener's teeth on edge.

- Perry Amberson

TT-2:39 / 3MB / 160kbps 44.1khz
from A-side of Jada 45 VFS-45-02 (1975)

(Image courtesy of Perry Amberson)