2003   MAY 2   #122

Sam The Drummer (Sam Ulano) - Little Red Rhumbahood/S.S. Rhythm

Sam The Drummer is Sam Ulano, aka Mr. Rhythm, noted drum instructor, author and performer who developed during years of performing for young children a new art form that can literally be described as 'talk 'n drums'. On some tracks on this album producer Irv Dweir added organ, piano and celeste parts to complement the voice of Sam but to my taste he's at his best when he only uses his speaking voice and drumming to tell, illustrate, syncopate and accentuate both the fairytales for children and the party record tracks on side A. The tracks I selected here are 'Little Red Rhumbahood' - yes she's a swinger - and 'S.S. Rhythm', a very inexpensive imaginary tour around the world presenting many rhythms of various countries. All aboard with captain Sam for this voyage around the world in 03'06". Eat your heart out Phineas Fogg!

- Marc Engels

TT-5:26 / 6.2MB / 160kbps 44.1khz
from the LP, "Sam The Drummer Tells Famous Fairytales For Your Children"
(Lane Records LP-156)

(Images courtesy of Marc Engels)

Lydia writes:
This was very entertaining to listen too Sammy Ulano is extremely funny! When I played it while I was reading the rest of my email, my fussy Jazz Drummer Spouse perked up! He asked me to replay it and then exclaimed...I know him! He has met him in person. For once my husband paid attention to this fantastic site! Thanks Again!

J. D. Mack writes:
He is one of the most "alive" people I've ever heard. And at 83 years old, he's still playing regularly in New York City! He even has a website. I just ordered his book "I Love What I Do - A Drummer's Philosophy of Life at 80." I hope I can feel that way when *I'm* 80. Heck, I hope I can feel that way tomorrow!