2003   MAY 4   #124

Ronald K. Wells & The Youth Choir - Entrance/God Is Dead/If God Is Dead

from the album liner notes:

In January 1969 the phone rang with an invitation for our youth choir to sing at the South Carolina state YMA Houseparty to be held in April. "Could we sing a new folk-musical?" we asked. "What's the name of it?" came the cautious reply. "Well, uh, a couple of weeks ago I started writing this thing about an atheistic professor who tries to destroy the faith of the Christians in his class who believe the Bible; haven't thought of a name for it yet."

After that phone call, lyrics and melodies raced through my mind night and day. As I worked with a guitar in my hands, inspiration for many of the songs seemed to come faster than I could write them down. In another three weeks the remaining songs and narration were completed and "I Wonder" was on paper.

Don Sturrock of Beaumont, Texas has orchestrated "I Wonder" for woodwinds, brass, percussion, and guitars, emphasizing the popular folk style of the music, and our pianist, Pat Dillard, has arranged the piano accompaniment. Crescendo Music Company will publish the complete score (vocal and instrumental) in August 1969.

Through our "atheistic professor" Frank Dillard, and our "doubters" and Christians, I have attempted to say: "I'll take the Bible for my guide, and sole authority!"

- Ronald K Wells

- Contributed by Otis Fodder

TT-6:00 / 6.9MB / 160kbps 44.1khz
from the LP, "I Wonder" (Dell Records 1001) 1969