2003   MAY 8   #128

Arcesia - White Panther

Irwin Chusid, in his book Songs in the Key of Z, briefly outlined the details of Johnny Arcessi's life: achieving fame as a big band singer, he took a fateful trip to California where he discovered (a) acid, and (b) acid rock. The result was Arcesia, a rock band fronted by the chemically enhanced Arcessi, who bellows, moans, and falsettos his way through 15 tracks of altered consciousness.

"White Panther" comes from a reissue of the incredibly strange (and incredibly rare) album Reachin', and is typical Arcesia: strange rock music that sounds like the Doors, a great bellowing performance by Arcessi on vocals, and incomprehensible lyrics. If you like what you hear (?), you can find another Arcesia track ("Butterfly Mind") on the Songs in the Key of Z companion CD (volume 1).

- Jim Allenspach, http://www.empty-handed.com/

TT-2:29 / 2.3MB / 128kbps 44.1khz
from the LP, "Reachin'" (Alpha) 1970

(Image courtesy of Jim Allenspach)