2003   MAY 15   #135

Boruk - To Know Him Is To Love Him

Next comes a strange doo-wop cover, with a female chorus crooning the refrain "Eddie, my love" while a man's voice brays: "You never write! You've changed! From most likely to succeed to poems against Presidents! From honor camper to orgone biker! Ya call yourself baroooooook! I don't like you anymore."

- from the New York Times article "No Hits, All The Time" by Jaime Wolf

One of the many celebrated audio finds of radio station WFMU is a copy of an album by New York poet Boruk Glasgow. Author of several self-published books of poetry, Glasgow cut this album, Blackhole Boogie, in the mid-1960s, and used it as a demonstration of his poetical strengths.

He's not quite an Outsider artist, but his poetry is definitely out there. This example finds Mr. Glasgow intoning over the old Phil Spector song of the same name, apparently making the case that the "Him" in the song is God, rather than the boyfriend of the lead singer. "What's it to you?"

- Jim Allenspach, http://www.empty-handed.com/

TT-2:26 / 2.2MB / 128kbps 44.1khz
from the LP, "Blackhole Boogie"

(Images courtesy of Jim Allenspach)