2003   MAY 18   #138

Bob Larson - Bob's Advice To Mandy

Bob Larson. Maybe you've seen him up late at night while flipping through television channels exorcising demons from helpless young children addicted to Satanic Rock Music? Bob has been campaigning against the Devil for years, having released Records, Videos, Books and Cassettes.

Today's selection comes from a tape found in a Seattle thrift store a few years back. Here Bob talks to a young girl named Mandy who is in love with the group The Cure. Just listen as Bob attacks such lyrical lines as, "...Feed the stench of love for younger meat..."

- Otis Fodder

TT-19:36 / 13MB / 96kbps 44.1khz
from the cassette "The Best Of Bob's Advice" (1990)

Strictly Kev writes:
This has got to be one of the most difficult and frustrating things I've yet to hear. You just want to strangle the guy or jump in a shout him down or something, I mean a grown man vs a 13 year old girl? What are the odds on that? His examples and sweeping generalizations are nasty enough but you can almost hear her teenage mind trying to compute the info he's feeding her and just as she starts to answer he'll come back in with another one to knock her down. She's putting up a pretty good fight on the face of it but I've only got a third of the way through and had to turn it off!

Stormy Hunter writes:
I suppose that veteran broadcaster Bob Larson considered it a great "victory" to have won a battle of wits with a nervous and not very articulate thirteen year old girl. (He must have, since he published it on a cassette). While it is true that music is vibration, and vibration can cause physical and mental changes in the listener, Larson's way of trying to explain this to Mandy is so sanctimonious and self-aggrandizing that his original point is nearly invalidated. This is a potent reminder of why I detest talk radio.

Matt Grayer writes:
Wow, it"s great to here the old "Talk Back with Bob Larson' show after all these years. If there really is such a thing as sin it"s that this hilarious program went off the air and that when he returned he gave up the "Christian Crusader' gimmick and tried to pass him off as a second rate Rush Limbaugh. Perhaps he didn"t get enough $1000 Heroes, $500 Champions, and……hell, it"s been so long I forget what the lower denominations were called. I used to call this show all the time and even got through once. He called me "pathetic' and hung up on me. I saw the guy live one time and about halfway through the show his slaves went through the audience with ultra jumbo-sized popcorn containers to collect money to keep the "Hope Line' open so that teens troubled by demonic possession would have someplace to call for help. However, I can"t say as I remember seeing any ads with the phone number anywhere—you"d think they"d be targeting people like me! I now curse myself for not taping these episodes! It was always my impression that kids like we heard on this segment were not even real and were, in fact, paid actors. Scenarios like this one seemed to go down all the time and some of them seemed a little too much to be believed. Anyone have any copies of old Bob Larson for trade? PAROFVTU@attbi.com.