2003   MAY 23   #143

Hilario Arreguin - I Have Everything

In 1967, when I was ten years old, my parents took me to "Cafe La Margarita" in Chicago. The nightly singing star was Hilarious Arreguin, and he had made a record. It was for sale at the restaurant. I was a fanatical record collector even then, and I harangued my parents to buy me a copy. The jacket states that '"I Have Everything" has been a big hit in Mexico, with the result that he (Senor Arreguin) has made frequent trips back to Mexico City to appear on TV, radio, and stage."

Well, "I Have Everything" is a masterpiece of fractured English. A romantic ballad replete with references to Pampers and Charmin? Hilario? You betcha!

Here are the lyrics:

When you are not with me
It was a December's
mice say what reap eon.
Everything was darkness, everything was empty
I lost my command.
It was full of Fenwicks
Unturn seven lonely
And fair a bark.
I dream of your kisses, I dream of your Pampers
And your crazy Charmins.
You did not know, you did not imagine
How I was suffering.
But now my song, is ragingly has
It has common, odd, new.
I am not afraid to feel alone, you have come back
I have now your kisses, and your Pampers
I have everything
I am not afraid to feel alone, you have come back
I have now your kisses, I have now your Pampers
I have everything.

- Stormy Hunter, http://tstormhunter.iuma.com/

TT-2:41 / 3:07MB / 160kbps 44.1khz
from the LP "La Margarita" (Tonorous LP 007) 1966

(Image courtesy of Stormy Hunter)