2003   MAY 29   #149

Bruce and Miss Nelson - Soul Transportation

Electronic music composer Bruce Haack had a long and fruitful musical career. One of his most accessible and fun projects is the series of LPs for children that he recorded in the 1970s with dance instructor Esther Nelson. Like the best children's records, the recordings can be enjoyed by young and old alike. A CD compilation (Listen Compute Rock Home) was released in 1999, and it is most definitely worth seeking out, if you like what you hear. (Fans seeking more are invited to visit the Website of Granny Press at www.grannypress.com, where the old albums have been reissued on cassette.)

This track comes from the 1972 album Dance To The Music, and gives you some joyous electronic music and some highly imaginative thought exercises for you to try with your fellow travelers."Make sure there is nothing like furniture near you, so you don't really trip..."

- Jim Allenspach, http://www.empty-handed.com/

TT-5:20 / 4.9MB / 128kbps 44.1khz
from the LP, "Dance To The Music" Dimenson 5 (1972)

(Image courtesy of Jim Allenspach)