2003   JULY 14   #195

Terry "Cupcake" O'Mason - Introduction/Cup Cakes

Text, from the back of the jacket:

A genuine ADAM Party Record by the editors of ADAM magazine

Wild, funtastic, risque... the best party record of its type ever made...

Selected by Adam Magazine as the second great record in the fabulous
Adam Party Record series; and introducing a brand new sexation, Terri
""Cup Cake" O'Mason. In nightclubs, critics have gone wild for the
O'Mason ditties, but her torrid tales of fun and frolic on record
brings a brand of sexitement that goes a good cut beyond the
entertainment of the sophisticated bistro. Terri is hotter than a
firecracker, the best in her business, and a guaranteed sensation for
your party or personal pleasure.

FAXLP 1011

FAX Record Company, Dept C-10
1018 North Fairfax Avenue -Los Angeles 46, California
Copyright 1960, FAX RECORD COMPANY.

- Henry Lowengard

TT-1:56 / 1.8MB / 128kbps 44.1khz

(Image courtesy of Henry Lowengard)

Alaptopp1@... writes:
My father worked with "cupcake" and I have an autograph photo of her thanking my dad with working with her, and added the last name of "o'toole" with a 'ha' attached. Wonder what see meant by that. Wonder if she is still alive............