2003   AUGUST 8   #220

Wolfman Jack - Free Shots

In 1974, legendary disc jockey Wolfman Jack was riding high on a crest of newfound popularity. His appearance in "American Graffiti" the previous year had introduced him to a new crop of teens who had only heard about him. Recording artists such as Todd Rundgren and The Guess Who recorded songs about him. The Wolfman was recruited to appear in TV shows, commercials, and even in public service announcements such as we have before us here. The "Citizens Alliance for VD Awareness" produced this 45 to be given away at record stores in the Chicago area. (I picked this one up at the now defunct SoundSource in Oak Park). It's basically a cool funk vamp with a rhymin' voiceover by The Wolfman and a chorus of background singers (a la Lou Reed's "Walk On The Wild Side"). The Wolfman delivers this message to teens in four minutes of hip jive talk: If you get VD, you can get "Free Shots fo' what you got"!

In those heady days of 1974, when the worst sexually transmitted disease you could get was VD (venereal disease), which could be erased with a free shot, The Wolfman actually seems to be encouraging kids to sex it up. There is no mention here of preventive measures (condoms, foam etc.), but hey... it was a safer, cleaner world. "Safe Sex" wasn't even on the horizon.

- Stormy Hunter, http://tstormhunter.iuma.com/

TT-4:07 / 2.8MB / 96kbps 44.1khz
from Cavda Single #333 (1974)

(Image courtesy of Stormy Hunter)

Tom writes:
8-8's entry adds new, ironic meaning to the Guess Who song title, "Clap For the Wolfman!"