2003   AUGUST 21   #233

X-Cetra - Conversation/Idiotic/Wasn't There

X-Cetra is a group of sparkely-eyed young girls (very young - aged 10 to 12 at the time of this recording) from Northern California. Actually they had dreamed of becoming a girl group. Unfortunately the music they were given to work with was supplied from the archives of their avantgarde-music-loving hippy papa Don Campau. They tried their best to make catchy pop tunes out of this material, but the end results remain rather bizarre nonetheless. Dark, strange passages made oddly endearing by the sweetness of the girls' voices and the youth of their lyrics. I'm afraid they're never going to hit the Top 40, but maybe the Top 40 of musical oddities.

- Achim Treu

TT-8:45 / 8MB / 128kbps 44.1khz

(Images courtesy of Achim)

Carlos Desperdicio writes:
I was expecting some cookie-cutter American Idol wannabes, but these girls aren't that. There's a bit of Retro-80's/Electro going on, plus the last song uses a sample loop from Martin Denny. I think they aimed for derivative (which the lyrics lean toward) but hit original, more or less.