2003   AUGUST 23   #235

Jack Clement - Time After Time After Time/My Voice Is Changing

Today's item is a strange little 45 with a distinguished pedigree. Jack Clement is a legendary Memphis songwriter and record producer. He is said to have discovered and been the first to record Jerry Lee Lewis. He wrote "Ballad of a Teenage Queen", "Flushed From the Bathroom of Your Heart", and dozens, perhaps hundreds of others. He has produced records by Elvis, Johnny Cash and Carl Perkins, among many others.

But those achievements pale before the single that is offered today, a single Jack Clement released on what may have been his own label (Clement's studio was also called "Hallway"), back around 1962. Some may say that Cyndi Lauper wrote the definitive "Time After Time" song. I beg to differ: Jack's words, music and performance sum up the important meaning of this "timely" subject far more completely and effectively.

The B-Side deals with a fact of life far more effectively than was done in the well known episode of "The Brady Bunch" where the kids sing "Time to Change".

- Bob Purse

TT-3:44 / 3.4MB / 128kbps 44.1khz