2003   AUGUST 24   #236

Slim Pickens - The Gospel According To John

Back in 1990 I received a record that has changed my life. It was gift from one of my friends who thought I might dig it. It was a copy of "Golden Throats: The Great Celebrity Sing-Off', I played that record over and over that pretty soon I wore down the grooves. Thankfully I bought a CD of it and have bought every "Golden Throat' compilation afterwards. After listening to these compilations I wanted the actual albums that were featured, I needed more celebrity singing! I soon got every album that was featured in the compilations by digging through thrift store record bins, flea markets, and fine independent music establishments like Lou"s Records. But I didn"t stop there; using the book ""Hollywood Hi-Fi' as a guide I began collecting more and more celebrity recordings that were not featured on any of the "Golden Throats' compilation.

This Slim Pickens record is one of my treasured records. I found it at a garage sale for a dollar. It still had its shrink wrap on with a sticker of Slim singing and the record was in mint condition, it looked like it was never played before on a turn table! There are several gems on this album like the song about Hank Williams" ghost or his cover of "Desperados Waiting for a Train' (which was featured on "Golden Throats 3'). ""The Gospel According to John' is my personal favorite just for Slim telling the story of a radio evangelist and then yelling out what the evangelist is saying with the same zeal he displayed in "Dr. Strangelove'. ONWARD CHRISTIAN SOLDIERS!!!

- Zeb Navarro, Host, Oldies and Oddities, KKSM – San Diego, Ca.

TT-4:00 / 3.7MB / 128kbps 44.1khz
from, "Slim Pickens" (Blue Canyon #506) 1977