2003   AUGUST 31   #243

Bob Curlee & Rick Carpenter - You Can't Get Drunk If You Don't Drink/Testimonial

Some days on the project just offer no explanation. The main basis for the short notes on this day stem from the fact that I simply do not know much about this recording. I received a copy of this on cassette tape a few years ago for play on my radio show Friendly Persuasion and I wish I could remember who sent me the cassette. It would help if I kept more complete records of where material originated from, so if you did happen to send this over to me in the first place let me know so I can credit you properly.

This song and dialogue is rather self-explanatory. A church puts out a record combating the evils of drug use using humor as a main vehicle. The story revolves around a football player in high school that finds that alcohol, tobacco and drugs of all types do not put one on the road to happiness. The amateur nature of the recording mixed with bad acting make this a nice addition to the 365 days project.

- Otis Fodder

TT-6:33 / 7.5MB / 160kbps 44.1khz
from "Daniel And The Lion's Den: A Musical Comedy On Drug Abuse"
(Performed at The Ensley Baptist Church, Birmingham, Alabama) 1971