2003   OCTOBER 10   #283

IOOF Hall - 1704 Graveley St - Ross Campbell 21st Birthday

I found this home-made record at my local thrift shop. I had never come across an actual Recordio-type disc before, so it was exciting to take it home and see what it would be. Given by the obvious description, it's a pretty standard fare document of what people did with these records - birthday greetings, letters from homee, etc.

This one's particularly entertaining because Ross is actually present at this recording, which means he has no friends and has to hang out with his parents' friends (I'm just kidding...) It also contains a plug for the guy and his business who recorded it.

I have no idea what year this was recorded. I looked up Ross's name on the internet, and discovered one that lives pretty close to the thrift shop, so it's safe to say it's him, and that he's still alive. The IOOF Hall is unfortunately, no longer there.

- Lee Rosevere, Audio Oddities

TT-4:56 / 4.6MB / 128kbps 44.1khz (MONO)