2003   OCTOBER 14   #287

Erotica, Bedspring Symphony

I'm not sure what year this record came out but I'm guessing it was at a time when not just anybody could put out an LP and, as a result, ridiculous recordings such as this were somehow legitimized just by being pressed onto a round piece of plastic. The orchestra for this ""symphony" is comprised of: one man, one woman, one bongo player, one squeaky bedspring, and one microphone. There is no real dialogue to speak of on the recording and the clip offered up on this site is reflective of the contents of the entire LP. At the time of this particular purchase I was getting similar "symphonies" on a nightly basis from my upstairs and next-door neighbors, minus the bongos, so I probably could have saved myself $1.99.

From the album liner notes:

EROTICA, The Rhythms Of Love, was recorded in Hollywood, California, and is the culmination of more than two years of research, utilizing today's most advanced electronic techniques and the talents of sound engineers who have pioneered a host of technical achievements.

This record has been acclaimed by many as a noteworthy landmark in recorded sound. It would not have been possible without the modern excellence of sound recording and production techniques.

Three separate master recording sessions were responsible for the unique sounds heard on this record. The sound effects portion was recorded recorded on a Magnacorder PT6AH, using an RCA 77DX microphone, and taped at 15 ips (inches per second). Microphones utilized to reproduce the various musical sounds and voice effects were: an Altec 639 and Telefunken U47 for the drums, and an RCA 44BX for the voice. This session was taped at 15 ips on an Ampex 300 tape recorder. Final dubs were made using Altec Lansing audio amplifiers and Ampex 300 tape recorders. This special combination, using what we consider the world's finest recording equipment, has produced a recording of unsurpassable quality and brilliance.

This disc has been recorded with the RIAA equalization curve standard recording characteristic.

Frequency response from 40 cps to 15,000 cps.

- Matt Grayer

TT-2:45 / 2.5MB / 128kbps 44.1khz
Erotica, Bedspring Symphony (Kent Records)

(Image courtesy of Matt Grayer)