2003   OCTOBER 19   #292

Debbie Ann Bradford and her "friend" Ann Slanders - Joy, Joy, Joy

There's no denying the fact that the teachings of Jesus Christ never ring with more wisdom, gravity and solemnity than when coming from the mouth of a ventriloquist's dummy. Far from being a singular oddity, this recording of Debbie Ann Bradford and her friends Ann Slanders and Donny Donkey is but one in a substantial sub-genre of unique Christian recordings featuring ventriloquists. Debbie Ann herself is the daughter of ventriloquist Bob Bradford, who, with Jiggers Johnson, Snooky Snitzel, and a small menagerie of friends, spread Jesus' Gospel to the children of Southern California in the the middle part of the last century.

Taken from the album "Fun and Inspiration", this track begins with Debbie and Ann and the classic children's inspirational tune "Joy, Joy, Joy". Then Debbie really rolls out her "A" material when she goes head to head with Donny Donkey in a completely non-religious exchange. Odd that the audience of children who were so vocally appreciative when she arrived, fall completely silent at this point.

- Andre Dupuy

TT-3:33 / 3.3MB / 128kbps 44.1khz

From the back cover:

"The ministry of Christian Youth Crusades reaches out in many directions through the life and testimony of Bob Bradford, Ventriloquist and Youth Evangelist. Bob's animated friends; 'Jiggers Johnson', 'Leo the Lion', 'Alfred the Dragon', 'Snooky Snitzel' and "Whiskers the Wabbit" almost remind you of a three ring circus, but the motivation for them is far from that. These 'animated friends' present the Gospel in such a dynamic way, that everyone is captivated by them and clearly understands the simplicity of salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ.

"CYC also publishes the JDKC News, a monthly paper, which is enjoyed by over 700 boys and girls. This keeps Mrs. Betty McDonald, Bob's secretary, and the staff quite busy.

"Jiggers Story Hour Records are also produced under CYC guidance and inspiration. God has richly blessed these recordings and by them many have found Christ as personal Saviour.

"Since 1953, when Bob went into Youth Evangelism 'full time', he has had a heavy schedule of Youth Crusades, camps, banquets and Bible Clubs along with many television and radio appearances.

"In December 1963, at the age of 8, his daughter, Debbie joined Dad in ventriloquism and ministry. In this record album you'll meet Debbie and her friends 'Ann Slanders' and 'Donny Donkey'.

"In all these things the message is projected directly to the heart and exalts the Lord Jesus Christ. CYC proudly presents, 'The Old Story in a New Way'."

(Images courtesy of Andre Dupuy)