2003   OCTOBER 22   #295

Leila and The Snakes - Rock and Roll Weirdos

Leila and The Snakes were a popular San Francisco band in the late 70s. Jane Dorknacker (Leila) had previously toured with The Tubes and co-wrote the song "Don't Touch Me There". On supporting vocals is Pearl Gates who late left the band (and took the band with her) to form Pearl Harbor and The Explosions. Jane Dornacker went on to be a standup comedienne. She was also the bossy nurse in the film "The Right Stuff".

Jane Dornacker died on-air when her helicopter crashed on October 22, 1986. For something morbid, here's her final traffic report: http://www.ohms.com/kyuu7.htm

Jane Dornacker - vocals/piano/organ
T.V. Dunbar - guitars
Pamela Wood - bass
Scott Free - drums
Pearl Gates, Pamela Wood - supporting vocals

Arranged by Dick Bright
Produced by Roger Clark

- Frank Moore, http://www.eroplay.com, http://www.luver.com

TT-2:27 / 2.2MB / 128kbps 44.1khz
ASP Records

(Images courtesy of Frank Moore)