2003   OCTOBER 23   #296

L Emmett Holt Jr M.D. - How a Baby is Conceived / How to Tell If You Are Pregnant

There once was a time around 30-50 years ago, when the ""good housekeeping seal of approval" it was a big deal. If people saw that, it was almost a license to print money, like getting into Oprah's book club these days . At least that's how I remember it as a kid in the 70's This record however, is a bit of a surprise. From back in the whole innocent clean cut style of the 50's actually, we find the details of how a baby is made on a record? Apparently so.

Found at a flea market some 10 years ago, this record was a delightful surprise. I can't help but think of some teenagers gathering around the record player in Joanie's bedroom getting ready to hear something "naughty" that they shouldn't tell their parents. Who knows, maybe that was the case for some, when back in the 50's when you could barely mention "pregnant" in public, it would be controversial. But in reality, it's very dry. Dr L Emmett Holt Jr is very clinical in describing the processes and procedures, but it has a certain charm, and the whole novelty of actually hearing this on a LP always gave it value to me, not to mention the little paper insert illustrated here and come on, after all, as it says on the liner notes "it's the only record of it's sort to carry the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval"

- Scott Snailham, http://www.geocities.com/snarfdudes

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from "The Good Housekeeping Record of Baby Care"

(Image courtesy of Scott Snailham)