2003   OCTOBER 24   #297

Dick "Two Ton" Baker ("The Music Maker") - I'm a Little Weenie

This 10-inch promotional album of selections from children's records on the Imperial label featured two different versions of this song, surely one of the most Freudian children's songs ever to hit the market. This is the better version of the two because the vocalist captures the sadness of the unwanted wiener.

I received an e-mail recently from a guy named Dick Baker who, though no relation to Dick "Two Ton" Baker, has created a Web site devoted to him, http://twotonbaker.com/ - He told me that this version of "I'm a Little Weenie" is not in fact Dick "Two Ton" Baker's version. There were two versions of the song on the Imperial Records compilation LP which were borrowed from a now-deceased friend and taped, and the better one (to my ears, at least) was the one featured here. I did some digging through my poorly organized cassette lists and found that this version was performed by another children's entertainer, Sheriff John (Rovick), who hosted the popular local TV show 'Sheriff John's Lunch Brigade' on L.A.'s KTTW Channel 11 from 1952 to 1970. Here are links to some Sheriff John pages:

- Perry Amberson

TT-2:48 / 1.9MB / 96kbps 44.1khz (MONO)

Jef Stevens writes:
""I'm a little weenie" was performed by Dick ""Two Ton" Baker ("The Music Maker") who was also well-known in the Chicago area as a Pirate kiddie show host and disc jockey in the 50's. He was also famous for his songs "I'm A Lonely Little Petunia (In An Onion Patch," "In Heaven There is no Beer," "I Like Stinky Cheese," "What the Engine Done," and "Civilization." He also made television commercials yelling "Laugh your troubles away at Chicago's Riverview Amusement Park". How they got him in to (or out of) the Wild Mouse (mini-roller coaster), is anyone's guess.