2003   OCTOBER 31   #304

Dynamite Magazine - Count Morbida's Chamber of Horrors

Beware! all who seek to download the track of the damned. A track wrought of purest evil, forged in the fiery furnaces of Satan's recording studio/garage intent upon corrupting the impressionable minds of innocent youth . This repellent gob, regurgitated from the bowels of hell, will harvest the dread in every soul and cast all hope and optimism into the agonizing abyss of unending nothingness. Many a sound mind has been broken on the wheel of insanity and many a brave and true heart has withered and turned to dust when faced with the torturous tedium and relentless banality of "Count Morbida's Chamber of Horrors"!

This track comes from a soundsheet (courtesy of our friends at Eva-Tone Records) printed in 1975 and inserted into the pages of Dynamite Magazine, the magazine of the Scholastic Book Club. Since time unrecorded, the Scholastic Book Club has been distributing odd-smelling newsprint booklets to elementary school children, advertising books for sale. Circa 1975, Dynamite Magazine featured articles on entertainment and sport celebrities while devoting two pages each month to the diabolical puzzles of Count Morbida. This track marks The Count's recording debut as well as that of his significant other, Horribella.

Listen at your own peril, foolish mortal. Soon you too will be screaming for release from the mind-numbing aural nightmare that is "Count Morbida's Chamber of Horrors".

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- Andre Dupuy

(Photo courtesy of Lou Ming)

Written by Linda W. Aber
Produced by Sidney Morton
Count Morbida's voice and organ music: Peter Lee
Horribella's voice: Sara Maxwell


TT-6:18 / 5.8MB / 128kbps 44.1khz
from Dynamite Magazine (the magazine of The Scholastic Book Club) 1975

(Magazine cover images courtesy of Andre Dupuy)