2003   DECEMBER 8   #342

The Sound Generation - Generation Theme / Treat for Trumpet

Here's another gem of a custom album, featuring the Sound Generation, a chorus and brass group from John Brown University of Siloam Springs, Arkansas. These tracks are the first two on the "In Concert" side, and are loaded with an infections joy that just bubbles over the shaky musicianship and careening calypso rhythm. And there's a stupefying drum solo to boot!

- Narkspud

(The Sound Generation at Disneyland - Image courtesy of Narkspud)

From the liner notes:

The "Sounds" have a musical message for floundering American youth. Young people will listen to this message because it is presented in their own way. The message is one of love for God and country, and it is presented without apology. Some will accept it, and others reject it; but it is so vital that all must hear it.

Governor Winthrop Rockefeller of Arkansas recently attended a performance of the "Sound Generation" and afterward declared, "If we can go home tonight feeling what these kids have just given to us, we will do well. If we can keep young people thinking what these young people are thinking, we will have done our duty."

The concert side was cut in an assembly at East Central High School in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with an audience of 1,100 students. The problems encountered in the recording of a live concert are almost unbelievable, but it was our desire to capture and provide for the listener the excitement and the enthusiasm of the "Generation" in concert.

TT-2:58 / 3.4MB / 160kbps 44.1khz
from the album "The Sound Generation - In Concert, In Session"
Century/Monarch II 31197 (1968