2003   DECEMBER 13   #347

Slim Goodbody - Slim Goodbody Anthem / Hail Nutrition! / The Gobbler / Brain Power / Gloop Glop Glunk Gunk / Your Mouth Is A House / Large & Lovely Liver / Lubba Dubba / Goodbye From Slim Goodbody

Anyone who remembers Captain Kangaroo probably remembers Slim Goodbody. It is never easy to forget a grown man in a form-fitting leotard (not to mention that hair!). Every part of this man's body is exposed, except that he has no genitals! The Adventures of Slim Goodbody in Nutri-City is a gem from 1977, which features a gatefold cover complete with lyrics, and follows the story of Slim and friends as they fight the enemies of good nutrition, including my favorite puppets, Gobbler and Stuffin. Several of the selections are featured here.

It appears Slim Goodbody, still played by John Burstein, is still preaching the good word today, although his "look" has definitely toned down. You can check out what Slim has been up to at: www.slimgoodbody.com.

- Carlos Desperdicio & Amy the Obtuse

TT-12:57 / 15MB / 160kbps 44.1khz
from "Slim Goodbody's Adventures in Nutri-City"

(Images courtesy of Carlos Desperdicio & Amy the Obtuse)

Nuzzles writes:
I have a great story about him. When I was in second grade, we used to watch Slim Goodbody all the time, and sometimes we'd watch it in another classroom with the other class. These sessions usually got pretty rowdy because we thought the movies were pretty weird (hilariously so). Maybe it was because they were quite dated, or perhaps it was even ol' Slim himself, who knows... Well, one day, before going to the other room to watch Slim, our teacher had a serious chat with us, telling us not to make fun of Slim Goodbody because we might hurt his feelings! I mean, it's not like he was there watching the movie with us, so... Okay, so maybe you had to be there...