2003   DECEMBER 20   #354

REMC - A Wise Elf Saves Christmas

Are there places in the United States where a person is free to choose who supplies their electricity? As far as I know, your choices are not between competing suppliers, but whether to buy the power company's juice or somehow generate your own. With that in mind, it sort of seems like adding insult to injury to receive a PR project from Mayfield Power & Light knowing that YOU paid for it. Especially when its purpose is to warm your heart toward the monopoly you're supporting.

Apparently, these PR efforts are aimed at encouraging the use of MORE power! That would explain why REMC would go to the expense of-that is, to force their customers to pay for-making a very professional project like this little two-part Christmas tale. This vignette is in the ""Christmas Without Santa Claus!" vein and features some nice character work, although the "wise elf" truly creeps me out. And who knew Santa's elves were Scottish?

Much as I hate proliferating shameless corporate propaganda, the REMC "Merry Christmas" jingle is so confoundedly catchy, it's stayed in my head since I first heard it in 1970. Now it can be in yours . . .

Thanks to Otis Fodder for originating and hosting this project, and for giving me this day to post this record, whose original owner would have turned 78 today. Wish you were here, Dad!

- Jim Gardner

Below are images of Willie Wirehand. I don't know if he represented the REMC (subject of "The Wise Elf...). It may be that REMC was represented by Willie's nemesis, Reddy Kilowatt.

TT-10:14 / 11.7MB / 160kbps 44.1khz
1970 REMC Christmas Record

(Images courtesy of Jim Gardner)