2003   DECEMBER 21   #355

Gloria Kirkpatrick - Miss Heroin / Joe Lee Kirkpatrick - Testimony

Living in the Bible Belt, one can find a LOT of gospel LPs. Some are actually quite good and some defy description. This is a private pressing out of Houston, Texas, which found it's way to Morrow, Georgia, south of Atlanta. I found this at a St. Chace (it's not next to a St. Joanie Thrift Store) Thrift Store, which is now the Last Chance Thrift Store, when they replaced the fallen letters.

This is a real family affair. His very charming wife Gloria reads "Miss Heroin", which, I found out was written by one Duncan MacLaughlin, a Scottish detective of the Central Drug Squad of Scotland Yard and the actual title is "Take Me In Your Arms". Her very deliberate reading of the poem (with echo) is quite wonderful. I have never used heroin, but apparently, it makes you read in one voice, but laugh with two voices.

The testimony of Joe Lee Kirkpatrick takes up most of the record; I excerpted it. I can find no reference to his current whereabouts, however, I pray he stayed his course. By the way, the scripture reads, "Jesus came to free the captives", not "catfish", which is what it sounds like at first blush.

Only in "Merica", as Joe Lee might say...

- Brian Phillips

TT-9:48 / 11.2MB / 160kbps 44.1khz

(Image courtesy of Brian Phillips)