2007   JANUARY 5   #005

Lowney's Chocolates - By Cracky!

A The By Cracky Beat (2:44)
B Gikki/Gong (2:21)

I picked up this gem about a decade ago in Montreal, in a used record store where I worked at the time. I fell in love with its nonsensical, fun filled sounds, and immediately put it to good use as a theme song for a campus radio show I had at the time, hoping someone would hear it and give me more information about it. Sadly enough, it never raised an eyebrow from my listeners, and after a few months I took on another theme song and only took out the By Cracky for special occasions. For the past decade The By Cracky Beat remained a mystery, until recently when I stumbled upon this site. It appears By Cracky was the name of a chocolate bar from chocolate makers “Lowneys”, and this was their scorcher of a promo record! This however, does not explain the just as charming but not so chocolaty B-Side, “Gikki Gong”. I can’t help but wonder how the brand could have become obsolete, what with having the catchiest promo song this side of Willy Wonka town.

One of my favorite 45s!

- Contributed by: Mimi la Twisteuse

Images: Side A, Side B

Media: 45rpm 7" Single
Label: Lowney's Chocolates
Catalog: L-1001 (ASCAP MG-6306/6307)
Credits: Mamorsky, Zimmermann & Hamm