2007   JANUARY 14   #014

The Yankton College (S.D.) Pep Band

The Yankton College (S.D.) Pep Band (2:13)

It seems fitting that I found this acetate at Goodwill directly after a Psychiatrists appointment. The Yankton College (S.D.) Pep Band, recorded on 24 May 1954 by the Soundex Recording Service of Yankton. It lost a label on one side, revealing the paste-over on a standard 12" Audiodisc blank. The track is unidentified, since it was on the "naked" side of the disc.

Not exactly a breakthrough recording like the "Langley Project" but subtly awful on it's own. I especially like the way the record wear gets excessive during a particularly tortuous passage in the music. It's almost as if somebody deliberately tried to obliterate the groove! Nice touch! The more I listen to this semi-monstrosity, the more intriguing it becomes. It almost sounds deliberately atonal. I'm sure somebody will be able to identify the piece that they're mangling. Sounds like steam-rollered Shastakovich. Crumpled Khatchaturian?

This whole mess has been run through the sonic grinder to reduce surface noise and given a touch of high end EQ, so the woodwinds would be heard in all of their "lustre".

- Contributed by: Rocketboy

Media: 12" Audiodisc blank
Credits: Soundex Recording Service of Yankton
Date: May 24, 1954