2007   JANUARY 15   #015

Ern Westmore - Facial Exercises

1 Facial Exercises - Side 1 (20:33)
2 Facial Exercises - Side 2 (18:53)

Oh darling. Facial Exercises. Now you women know that there is nothing more gratifying then performing these simple and effective routines each and every morning. And for you men, well, they can take years off of your rugged features and make you pretty little dishes. To me there is nothing more exhilarating then a morning of facial exercises. My face has never felt so clean and so fresh, and for a woman of 49, I don't look a day over 50 thanks to this powerful recording. If you could only see me now in front of my mirror. Meow darling... Purr.

- Contributed by: Miss Babette

Images: Front Cover, Massage and Facial Exercise Routine Guide

Media: 12" LP
Album: Facial Exercises and Massage Routines for Skin Beauty
Label: Holiday Magic Informative Cosmetics
Catalog: Secret No. R-1
Credits: Narration by Ern Westmore