2007   JANUARY 25   #025

Uncredited Artists - 171 The Hitch Hiker/172 Beachcombing Belle

Unknown - 171 The Hitch Hiker (3:41)
Unknown - 172 Beachcombing Belle (4:30)

I picked this record up at a collectibles shop at the end of 2005. It caught my eye being transparent red & without much info printed on it. The owner of the store told me it was just a "jukebox" 45. I got the impression he thought it was CCR's "Sweet-Hitchiker", it certainly ain't. Listening to "171" I still wasn't sure what I had at first. It seemed like some driving instruction record meant to be played with film with humour thrown into the mix. Our narrator then starts to sound very distracted. Obviously it would be nice to have the film also. Oh well, let's check out the flip-side.

Well, if the first side was a bit confusing, the second should clarify. This is a soundtrack for an old nudie film! We are treated to hear a guy describe a woman we can't see in various stages of undress, walking up and down the beach doing her laundry. He actually describes her as a washing machine! Ah, pre-internet naughties!

- Contributed by: Michel LeGrisbi

Images: 171 The Hitch Hiker, 172 Beachcombing Belle

Media: 7" Single
Catalog: (scratched in run-off) 45-MN-171, 45-MN-172