2007   JANUARY 28   #028

The Fairfax High School Marimba Band

1 Besame Mucho (2:52)
2 Bye Bye Blues (1:59)
3 Comedians' Gallop (1:29)
4 12th Street Rag (1:49)
5 Popcorn (2:18)
6 El Cumbanchero (3:04)

I picked this record up while living in Berkeley California in the late 1980s. Found it at Rasputin's records where I would normally find all sorts of selections in the 25 cent section. The majority of school band records out there feature your standard classical, jazz, traditional and religious offerings. This record however, this record.

Popcorn is the standout track, but I have included a couple of other cuts from this album, which I consider to be both brilliant in the arrangements and the skillful playing. This is not weird or strange music. It may sound standard run of the mill to some of you but being both a fan of the marimba (although I can't play to save my life) and the arrangements held within this record, well... it's a keeper.

- Contributed by: Otis Fodder

Images: Front Cover, Back Cover

Media: 12" LP
Album: The Marimba Band Of Fairfax High School Volume IV
Label: Mark
Catalog: MC 8455
Credits: Matt Hynes (Director), Tim Carney (Guitar, Banjo), Jerry Parrott (Banjo), Mark Caldine (Drums), Rick Meyer (Banjo, Guitar), Laura Elliott (Flute), Mary Naeher, June Martin, Caroline Smith, Alan Foster (Marimba)
Date: Early 1970s