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Archie Moore's 'Times Table' With Soul and a Beat

Archie Moore's "Times Table" With Soul and a Beat (28:03)

Here's another one of those records that immediately grabs you when you see the cover. How could this one possibly suck?!? Fortunately it doesn't, and even the fact that Archie Moore, the boxer on the cover, only barely manages to contribute a couple sentences on the whole record only adds to the charm. Musically I find this one really satisfying. It's like bad soul meets "Einstein On The Beach!" Actually, I've got other examples of times tables records with similarly repetitive mathematic recitations to music, but this one wins hands down.

Archie Moore lived not far from my house, and in fact the stretch of freeway that goes past his neighborhood is called the "Archie Moore Freeway." These songs always pop into my head whenever I drive down that way.

- Contributed by: Pea Hix

Image: Front Cover

Media: 12" LP
Album: Archie Moore's "Times Table" With Soul and a Beat
Label: ERU Productions
Credits: Archie Moore, Pat Rucker
Date: 1964