2007   MARCH 5   #064

The Best of MP3.COM Part II

1 Charlie Solak - Bruce 41 (4:32)
2 Charlie Solak - Einstein Darwin Memories of Dark Ages (4:44)
3 Charlie Solak - Rave Launch Now Greed (5:25)
4 Charlie Solak - Thoughts About Brian Wilson and Nash (5:21)

Charlie Solak was no doubt the most prolific musician on mp3.com. At one point I counted over 700 songs on his primary artist page alone, not to mention those posted under his numerous other pseudonyms. Most of his songs feature Charlie solo on piano, singing lugubriously through some sort of effects box, although he occasionally dabbled in electronic freak-outs like "Rave Launch Now Greed". His music sounds very off-the-cuff and unstructured, like a more langorous version of Van Morrison's "Contractual Obligation" album, and concerns itself with topics such as police brutality ("Bruce 41", an answer song to Bruce Springsteen's "41 Shots") and why Jesus is better than science ("Einstein, Darwin Memories of Dark Ages", which ends because Charlie has to answer the phone).

- Contributed by: Stark Effect