2007   MARCH 8   #067

WFMU Marathon Madness with The Old Codger & The Dirty Duck

Today on 365 Days we are proud to present the singing stylings of two WFMU talents. The station's very own mascot "The Old Codger" and the troubled "Dirty Duck". Thankfully they both do not have computers. The Codger simply does not believe in them and the Duck never has more then a few bucks under his feathers and if he did have money to buy a computer he would most likely destroy it in a drunken rage. We had to go through a lot to bring you these recordings. A LOT. There are favors we just won't mention here that we had to perform as we still have SOME pride left. So this is it. We thought you might get a kick out of these two WFMU mainstays during the marathon drive. We are keeping our names withheld for safety reasons. Old Codger would not care to be called a mascot of anything as in his mind he created everything and the Duck (oh heavens)... the Duck was plastered drunk when agreeing to post his recording and he won't remember us as we dressed as female Mallards. Have you seen the movie "Next of Kin"? Yeah, now picture a dozen mad angry drunk vicious Ducks. That's his family. Enjoy the music. It's wonderful. - Names withheld

The Old Codger

Money (2:42)

Note: The Old Codger (a.k.a. Courtney T. Edison) typed the following on a rusty Remington (see photo). It was hand-delivered by a wee lad on a one-speed bicycle:

"I recorded "Money" because it is a great old Mel Blanc song. I taught Mel how to make funny noises with his mouth. Bugs Bunny was a character I made up, and Mel stole that from me. But I liked Mel, so I didn't mind. I remember him fondly. Once lent him a bar of soap, but he didn't bring it back. Next thing I know, he's in Hollywood playing in cartoons. He sent me a 78 of this song, which I still have. I recorded this version in an amusement arcade. All the instruments were played by mechanical wind-up players. It's hard to get parts for those things nowadays. Of course, my warranty expired 97 years ago. But I didn't." - The Old Codger


The Dirty Duck

Introduction (0:39)
Suzanne [Leonard Cohen] (3:47)
Baby's On Fire [Brian Eno] (5:19)
Under My Thumb [Rolling Stones] (3:42)
Interview (8:04)
Hanky Panky Nohow [John Cale] (2:46)
Enter Sandman [Metallica] (5:18)
Stab Your Back [Damned] (1:01)
Don't Bogart That Joint [Fraternity Of Man] (3:04)

Note: We tracked down the Dirty Duck in a South Bronx tavern. After two hours of listening to incomprehensible slurring he agreed to let us host this recording (taped live on July 30, 2000 on The Stork Club) in exchange for bathing his grotesque moulting plumage. His words are taken from a microcassette recording (we edited out long periods of silence, mumbling and quacking):

"I was in New York mixing with Fred Durst and met this Stork character at the Hustler club on the West Side. He was kind enough to pull my head out of the toilet, clean me up, and offered to 'bring the career back' on his WFMU show so I went and cut a session. I hadn't been in that dump Jersey City since 1982. I couldn't wait to get out of that place. He wasn't happy with the amount of songs and said I had promised more so, I did the shortest one I could think of, "Stab Your Back" by the Damned. If he didn't like it then he can f*** off. I also wound being invited to play dirty records on the station's "blue" show that ran on the net only and you can hear them here. I don't remember much else about the whole FMU experience, sorry. I remember having a romp with that Bronwyn broad, I think she took me to Curacao too, but again, it's a haze. Send a check for these songs, thanks." - The Dirty Duck

Additional Links:
Listen to the WFMU archives for the Old Codger and the Dirty Duck. Still hunger for more? You might, oh dear god you might. The Duck is hard to come by, but OC thinks of himself as quite the crooner (and he's a pretty damn good singer in our humble opinions). You can hear the Codge belting out his songs on the album 'HOTCAKES AND HOT MAMAS' (available in the iTunes Music Store) and there is a free track located on Comfort Stand Records. Quack Dang Nabbit.