2007   MARCH 12   #071

Unknown - Calibre Auto Recording

Unknown - Calibre Auto Recording (1:29)

One day I was browsing through lp's in a small shop not finding much worthwile. I started looking at the lp's & such decorating the walls. "You wouldn't be interested in selling any of those would you?" I asked the owner. "Well, we kind of have them up on the wall to , y'know, show the different kinds of records there are and stuff" was my answer. Five bucks convinced him to part with a tiny little record tacked on to the side of a shelf. When I got it home and put it on, I heard a girl hardly controlling herself from the giggles trying to sing. I am unfamiliar with the song, it would probably help a lot in telling how old the recording is.

- Contributed by: Michel LeGrisbi

Image: Calibre Auto Recording

Media: 45rpm 6" record (single sided)
Label: Calibre Auto Recording
Credits: "CEC" hand-scratched on label, the artist's initials?