2007   MARCH 14   #073

Hanley Johnson - Merry-Go-Round Of Life

01 Merry Go Round Of Life (2:30)
02 Yep-Py-Ki-Yo Christmas (2:37)
03 Cotton Tail Boogie (2:12)
04 Wide Track Tire (3:27)
05 Fisher Body (3:18)
06 Dreams Sweet Dreams (2:47)
07 I Got The Blues About My Baby (2:52)
08 I'll Try To Understand (2:28)
09 You Got My Nose Wide Open (2:36)
10 He's Got The Whole World In His Hands (1:48)

Little is known of this record or Hanley for that matter. This was a big hit from the 365Days v.1 and I received many request for more.

Go on now and dig the musical styling's of Hanley Johnson.

- Contributed by: The ToD

Images: Front Cover, Back Cover

Media: LP
Album: Merry-Go-Round Of Life
Label: JerJimHam Records
Catalog: JJH-102