2007   MARCH 28   #087

18 Golden Hits of 1970

1 American Woman (3:29)
2 Mama Told Me Not To Come (2:51)
3 Let It Be (3:25)
4 Make It With You (3:15)
5 If I Could Turn Back The Hands Of Time (2:08)

Bad "Sound-alike" albums of current hits are a cornerstone in probably every collection of strange records. I've studiously tried to avoid these. (Yeah, right!) Every once in awhile something as good/bad as the Surfsiders dog paddles it's way to the local charity or second hand shop.

""18 Golden Hits of 1970" isn't quite the gem that Lou Reed and friends drummed up five years earlier, but it has it's own crap appeal.

Like Dollar store incense, it wafts an inglorious stink that stays embedded in the furniture for months.

Apparently recorded in the U.K. by some incredibly bored and slightly incompetent studio musicians and singers and released in the U.S. on Alshire Records Q.M.O. imprint, these tracks are about as downright lousy as you could imagine.

Thrill to the "fantastic" Conga playing in American Woman! (Was this guy a refugee from the Chacachas?) The horrid and definitely un-P.C. "White guy trying to sound Black" warbling on "If I Could Turn Back The Hands Of Time". The Beatles get their send off to the Rock 'n' Roll graveyard at warp speed with "Let It Be" and Three Dog Night receives the shredder treatment in "Mama Told Me Not To Come". Finally, Bread is sifted into unseasoned crumbs with this splendiferous de-construction of "Make It With You".


- Contributed by: Rocketboy

Media: LP
Album: 18 Golden Hits of 1970
Label: Q.M.O. Records
Catalog: Q.M.O. #2