2007   MARCH 31   #090

Going To The Sun... Kalispell, Montana

Craig Donaldson - Going To The Sun... Kalispell, Montana (4:20)

From the back cover:

Kalispell, Montana...wild, beautiful and unspoiled! Here in this virgin wilderness country of Montana, you'll find one of the last places in America that still is as it always was!...From the wild flower meadows and majestic glaciers to the waving grain of the farmland, and from the lakes and streams to the forests of ponderosa and tamarack, Kalispell Country is Big Sky County...Big Sky County at its best!

To the Indians of the Northwest, this was, and still is sacred land!...Home of the big horn and grizzly, and the moose, the elk and the blue lakes where the cut-throat cruise!

To be here is to experience the peaceful way of an earlier time, a place where big-hearted people leave the latch string out and greet the stranger with a friendly smile in this bountiful land of natural beauty!

There are few such places left today like the Flathead Valley...so when you go to Kalispell, you're going to the mighty lake, the rivers, the meadows, the mountains, the glaciers, sky...and as the Indian Legend, when their God was last seen climbing the mountains in Glacier Park, you too, can be going to the sun!

- Contributed by: The Bomarr Monk

Images: Front Cover, Back Cover

Media: 7"
Credits: The Kalispell Chamber of Commerce
Date: 1976